Nursing Home Rounds

In our skilled nursing facility and assisted living practice, we

  • Provide expert care to residents requiring Psychiatric services
  • Communicate actively with staff, family members, and guardians
  • Work closely with psychology and clinical staff to implement non-medication based approaches
  • Bring a pristine track record of over 100 “state surveys” without issues, including some inspections led by Federal surveyors.
  • Carefully monitor all patients receiving any psychotropic medication
  • Implement a robust “dose reduction” process, where patients are seen at least once per quarter, and we implement dose reductions in all clinically appropriate circumstances
  • Document carefully and thoroughly with regard to the “risks” and “benefits” of treatment, utilizing our own customized progress notes.
  • Maintain our own patient “census,” and automated tracking of when our patients are due for follow-up and/or “GDR” re-evaluation
  • Focus on optimizing the usage of psychotropic medications (which affects 5 Star Ratings, Quality Measures, and ACO Scores)

During his Geriatric fellowship at Yale University, Dr. Barnas trained specifically in “nursing home Psychiatry”, and is proficient in the pertinent rules and regulations.